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Hello and thanks for visiting my website!

My name is Shelly Callahan and I am the owner and sole Licensed Acupuncturist for Wheatland. I have been doing massage therapy since 2007 and Acupuncture services since 2011. I graduated from Butler Community College with degrees in Massage Therapy as well as Personal Training. I graduated from the Kansas College of Chinese Medicine with a Master's degree in Oriental Medicine in 2011. I am nationally certified through NCCAOM with a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, which includes herbal medicine and acupuncture, as well as adjunct therapies. You can find me as a certified practitioner on I am also currently part of the first group of licensed Acupuncturists in Kansas, as of 2018. I currently have three other massage therapists who run their businesses from my location. Please visit the Meet the Team page for their information.

I strive to provide guidance on an eclectic health approach to wellness. Health is complex and different for each individual, and I believe that everyone needs something just slightly different to achieve their maximum health. I strive to help people achieve this goal through Chinese Medicine, exercise, dietary therapy, massage therapy, and referring to other types of therapies that may be necessary. 

Please feel free to explore my website or contact me through email or phone. 

Please note that I cannot take any new massage therapy clients at this time, but there are three others to choose from in my office.